Christina Partners with Vietnam’s Luxury Leaders

Christina’s new partnership in Vietnam was launched on September 9th at a very special event, held at the prestigious InterContinental Hotel in Hanoi.
Christina, together with Vietnam’s leading professional publishing house and opinion leaders club, Lady Luxury – Nam Houng, organized the special Best Beauty & Wellbing Competition, aiming to select the country’s top 100 beauty salons and luxury spa centers. Criteria for the competition will include quality, professionalism, service efficiency and prestige.
The festive launch event was attended by over 200 guests, including prominent business leaders, celebrities and world-class spa professionals. The host was Ms. World runner-up Thu Huong, who emphasized the importance of the contest in attracting both domestic and international customers, thereby spreading the Christina brand name and excellent quality, or as she put it: spreading beauty all around.
Thu Huong is the head of the organizing committee’s and a founding member of the Lady Luxury publishing house. The competition’s evaluation committee consists of well-known professionals, including members of the Lady Luxury Club and the Women Networking Club. Members of both clubs hold weekly meetings, leading various businesses and nation-wide initiatives and projects.
This important new collaboration and its unique event will undoubtedly contribute to promoting the Christina brand, treatments and products in the growing Vietnam market.




Christina Company’s Partners Conference

Sharing the Future with all Our Partners

The Christina Company is delighted to announce that its first worldwide business partners conference will take place between March 24th – March 27th at the vast and luxurious Cramim Spa Hotel.
The Cramim Hotel has what is currently considered the largest spa location in the Middle East. Naturally, we, at Christina, thought this amazingly beautiful hotel (Christina’s new spa hotel chain partner) would be the perfect venue for this celebratory event.

We will launch the 3-day Conference with a festive cocktail party where we will present for the first time the new and innovative Christina product line, a product line based on the pure benefits of wine and its components.

Over the following 3 days we will hold in-depth sessions where we will present all that is new, go over all that has happened and learn from each of our partners. By sharing together vital and essential information we will ensure our future global growth!

Cosmoprof Asia

Cosmoprof Asia

Christina 将推出一款新的专业护肤产品


Peelosophy Announcement

我们並没有因此而认输,也希望能够在未来再次生产, 所以请您耐心的等待。

Hitting the spot – Christina shines at ISPA 2011

Las Vegas, U.S., November 7-9, 2011

从左: Elaine Linker, ‘Cinderella,’ Kelli Anderson, and Christina Zehavi 在21 ISPA展会
Christina在21 ISPA展会给行业领袖们和顶级刊物带来了新一轮的兴趣。
通过Christina 为期两天的示范,Spa Shiki(被温泉杂志投选为中西部地区最好的温泉公司),将提供Unstress,Flouroxygen和Comodex专业护肤产品,Skin & Spa Park Avenue cosmetic dermatologist practice(名为“最佳实践在纽约杂志连续10年)将带进分类专业护肤产品. Orange Skye Spa(富裕的新泽西地区)将采用Christina作为他们的独家品牌。

此外,在展会期间的一个成功营销活动称为“灰姑娘护肤” – 瞬间呈现绝对光彩, 甚至在拉斯维加斯的Wynn and Encore 温泉董事也采用Silk为他们的品牌。

New at Christina USA!

HOT in the U.S.A.!

An introduction and training meeting was held in Sarasota, Florida in February 2011.
Joe Contorno, President and CEO of Christina-USA, brought together a wide range of experts to learn firsthand about Christina’s professional products and treatments and now the rest is history…

Joe Contorno has connected with countless smart and talented professionals in a wide range of fields from all over the country; and is committed to support licensed aesthetic professionals in the USA by providing hands on training, in-depth educational seminars, and social media support, NOW up and running!

This support includes providing Seven Multi-Stage Professional Treatments, specifically formulated for each major skin concern; and combined with targeted home care products, trained with Christina Zehavi and assisted by C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Diplomat Michelle Tavares.

Our mission is to provide the American skin care market with a new direction in professional skin care products and guidance. We are now striving to bring this success to the USA; where various regions have their own specific skin care issues.

Let’s go forward now to have an even greater success in the new and exciting American skin care market. By working together, we make this happen!
For more information, click here.

Major California Skincare Supply has reached agreement with Christina USA!

California Skincare Supply, a leading distributor of professional skincare products in California for twenty years has reached agreement with Christina USA to act as a distributor for California. Keli Anderson, president of California Skincare Supply has a staff of representatives and trainers in California and will help cut the time between order and receipt of shipment from more than six days to less than three.

Opening of a new NickOl Center in St. Petersburg!

We are excited to notify about the opening of a new NickOl Center offices in St-Petersburg on February 23 2011

Welcome to our new distributor at: Santa Cruz de Tenerife!
We are delighted to welcome our new distributor at: Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the Christina family!

Larysa Kostiv Distribucion
Direccion: c. La Polka 22 puerta 7 Las Chafiras
San Miguel de Abona c.p. 38639
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel: +0034 -617 94 38 47
Email: laura.kst@hotmail.com

We see great potential in working together and are looking forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships.

We are very excited to announce Christina’s launch in the USA!

We are very excited to announce Christina’s launch in the USA!

Joe Contorno, President and CEO of Christina USA has a successful history with launching skincare in the US. “As a founder of DDF, Christina is the natural next step in both the science and aesthetics of professional skincare. I am very excited to be able to bring to the US what I believe is the best meld of “true esthetics and science,” says Contorno. With the full support and talent of the Christina team, a full marketing, advertising and PR campaign will be launched to support the success of the brand in the United States.

Read the recent press release ( Word Document )

Moisture Fusion Launch Announcement

Forever Young’s New “Moisture Fusion Kit”!

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our new Moisture Fusion Kit: Cream and Serum, for optimal skin hydration. The kit will be available in beginning October 2010.

The miraculous Moisture Fusion Kit features a cream and a serum enriched with an innovative tri-peptide concentrate that boosts the natural production of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin while enriching it from the outside and binding the water to the skin thus providing an optimal skin hydration and preventing Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

The Moisture Fusion Serum, based on Hylauronan and an innovative peptide concentrate, accelerate the production of Hylauronic Acid within the epidermis improving skin hydration and elasticity.

The Moisture Fusion Cream provides the skin an additional supply of Hylaronic Acid and an innovative moisturizing mixture which deliver long hydration repairing results.

This powerful synergy of advanced formulas, replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier while addressing the signs of aging. It enhances the skin’s elasticity, rejuvenates and firms, leading to a significantly improved texture and volume.